How to rent


Make a reservation

Please select a bike and make a reservation by clicking the button above. You can pay for your booking via credit card. Once you receive confirmation of the reservation via email, please save it until the day of your rental.

On the day
Please confirm our business hours and address. We recommend you wear appropriately comfortable clothes. You will also need to bring your passport or suitable identification.

Bikes can be used until 18:30. Please return carefully, allowing time for a relaxing ride right until the end. Once you arrive at our shop, simply return the keys and you're done!

Relax Afterwards
There are lots of good places for dinner and drinks in Yanaka. We recommend staying a little longer to have some fun after your ride. Please feel free to ask our staff for suggestions.



The easy to use sports bike that anyone can enjoy. Recommended for people who want to explore far and wide.

- 8 speed
- Horizontal frame
- 26inch tire

Bisou 26


Select this bike if you prefer a relaxed, upright riding posture. The bike allows you to focus on your surroundings as you ride and makes it easy to step on and start pedalling.

- 7 speed
- 26inch tire
- Front basket (not shown)

Bike, helmet, locker —
Let’s go!

A : 4-2-39 Yanaka Taito-ku Tokyo T : 03-5809-0980

Open : 10:00 - 19:30 Closed : every 2nd TUE of the month


Same day return


2nd day onwards


Helmet or Locker