Soba Kokoro
As a soba-loving child, Toru Asami always dreamed of running his own soba restaurant and after honing his skills at several classic establishments, he opened the doors to Soba Kokoro in late 2015.

The chef can seen preparing the day’s noodles in the 80-year-old building’s front window each morning. Shortly afterwards, the aroma of the bonito broth starts to the waft down the street towards Nezu Station, unofficially signalling the start of the day’s service.

Made from a blend of buckwheat flour from three or four regions of Japan, his noodles have a balanced flavour and are served in an uncomplicated fashion, often paired with seasonal toppings, tempura and a side of sake if you like.

Venture up the narrow staircase and you’ll discover a tatami room with an old-fashioned atmosphere that invites you to slow down and appreciate the subtle flavours of Asami’s creations.