Nakamura Tea Life Store
Tucked away down a quiet backstreet in Kuramae, Nakamura Tea Life Store presents organic green tea from a fourth-generation tea grower based in Shizuoka.

Filled with the aroma of freshly brewed tea, the shop’s pared-back interior is a mix of aged timber, well-worn tea chests and homely touches. Accompanying a selection of teapots are rows of shining silver canisters and foil packs, which are filled with the Nakamura family’s pesticide-free organic green teas.

Curious visitors can pull up a stool at the counter, where shop manager Keigo Nishigata brews an assortment of teas and shares an insight into the stories and culture they contain.

With an atmosphere that feels a world away from the urban bustle, Nakamura Tea Life Store provides a friendly introduction to the world of Japanese tea.